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May Fruity serve you well by turning your social media into a valuable asset to both you and your clients.

- Michelle de Beer


de Beer

Social Media Marketer

What if social media marketing was as simple and easy as making a fruit salad? You’d get to pick the fruit you want and just enjoy the refreshing juiciness that tastes like a tropical vacation. 
These seemingly random thoughts were how Fruity started and with time the idea ripened to something with more heart and practicality.
Creativity, collaboration, and positive impact are always the flavour of the week and Fruity aims to infuse these flavours into everything we do. Our vibe is courageously colourful and fun because social media is supposed to be SOCIAL and marketing on it should be too.

Fruity Tribe


Fruity is all about helping you help more people! We like partnering with brands and businesses that understand the importance of effective and timely communication to ensure that all efforts flow as smooth as mango juice. Especially brands and businesses that have a big heart for our planet and the genuine wellbeing of all. That includes being sustainable, environmentally friendly, kind to every kind, vegan, organic, natural, and holistic (regardless of what industry you’re in).
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